Are You Killing Time or Is It Killing You?

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Passionate people are some of the best role models that can inspire us to live our lives to the fullest. They create their own path instead of following the crowds.

Unfortunately, passion is not something that you can force yourself to learn. Understanding this fact is crucial for organizations, especially the larger ones, since passionate individuals generate the momentum force that pushes the whole team forward. It is amazing how those individuals can construct an environment of creativity and efficiency.

On the other hand, people who work with their heart on their sleeves can be seen as outcasts in societies. For example, some folks may choose not to participate in the mass culture of Television. They may prefer reading, writing, drawing, or any other creative activity than watching TV. However weird that might sound to the rest of the community, this choice works for them.

Productive people –in general- tend to let go of the time-consuming passive activities, take for example gossip or watching soap-operas. They have reached a truth that we most of us still have not figured out. They refused to live like zombies, and decided to take life by the horns in their own direction. We can learn a lot from these people about how to properly live our lives, not just wander as the wind blows.

Here are some habits that you should let go, for the higher purpose of TRULY LIVING:

1- Get Rid of Negativity.


Learn how to be grateful for every little blessing in your life! Do not waste your time regretting your mistakes, see them as life-lessons and move on. Letting go of negative energy is tremendously liberating! You never gain anything from holding on to grudges and past failures. So, you better take each day as a new opportunity, and accept problems as challenges. You will eventually have so much energy to spend on more time-worthy activities.

2- Start Every Day With a Big Smile on Your Face.

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This is one psychological trick that works miracles for your mood! For one moment in your life, just smile and leave the rest to your unconscious mind. It can heighten your sense of confidence, and brighten the day of those who meet you! You will be surprised just how people will respond to you! It is a fact that “like attracts like”, and thus, positivity will bring more positivity. Try using this simple muscle for one day and it will make all the difference.

3- Live Each Day As if It Was Your Last!

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YES, WE ARE MORTAL BEINGS! We often forget this one truth in life. Knowing that our lives bound to end someday is – shockingly- one of the biggest motivating concepts. Some may argue that this is a depressing fact of life. Nevertheless, we all agree that when you understand that you have little time left, you try your hardest to make it the best out of it. So my final advice to you is to enjoy life as it is your last day on earth!

via: David Pogue


Share these effective easy 3 tips with everyone, and begin to see how effective simple things you can do on a daily basis can greatly affect your life.

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