Prepare Yourself For 5 Mind-Blowing Tips For Creativity

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How many times you felt that you’re cornered and lacking creativity? Creativity hits -just like lightening- unexpectedly. We all face some brain freeze moments where we have zero creativity.

Don’t worry!

All you need is a little push to unleash your creative mind.

Here are some tested tips that will guarantee you a more creative mind. There isn’t a chronological order that you need to follow. Do them in the order that you prefer.

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1- Exercise


Get up from your office or cubical. Turn off your computer. Take a long walk or go for a jog. It’s a healthy way to let go of all the stress that you have bottled up. Expose yourself to the sun. Hit the beach, go to the park or any green area. Let go of whatever’s been bothering you and connect with Mother Nature. Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with where you work. It’s a perfect work environment. I repeat a perfect work environment not a place bursting with creativity as the outdoors. Going for a jog or a work will release some of the strain that’s put on your muscles and thus, the mind will follow the body’s footsteps.

2- Coffee, coffee and more coffee.


Treat yourself with a warm cup of coffee on your back to work. Interact with people don’t trap yourself in all day. Friction is what causes a fire. Interacting with people will definitely yield in creative ideas. You can get inspired from any action that happens in front of you. So, go to out.

3- Music is the food of the soul.


If you’re used to a specific genre of music, it’s time to listen to a new one. If rock music is the genre you listen to daily, it’s time that you change that. Even if other genres aren’t your cup of tea, give it a try. Tying new music will surely help creativity to blossom. Picking up new styles will direct your brain to new routes that you never explored before.

4- Ask or seek a mentor or even a starter.

If you hit rock bottom or fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel, seek a mentor. By doing so, you’ll be having years and years of experience under your finger tips. If you’re the mentor, then in this case it’s never unacceptable someone who is younger than you. This will give you a fresher and a younger perspective to things and will bring out a shade of the issue you never would have noticed on your own.

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5- Use new gadgets-invest in your brain.


Sometimes, being stuck with one old tool will hinder your creativity. Invest in a new gadget that will pave the way to a more creative mind.Grab inspiration from its sources. Visit an art gallery so you can be exposed to the utmost amount possible of creativity. Visiting the capital of creativity would also be of great impact on your blocked mind.

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