How To Use These 9 Tricks Positively And Effectively.

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To reach your dreams and achieve your goals, anything that can make your pathway to success easier is a power.

Mind tricks are very important to reach your goals. And using your brain skills to affect anyone you meet positively is a good advantage for you.

When you became aware of mind tricks and train yourself to use them frequently, they unconsciously will become a part of your behavior.

There are a lot of mind tricks that can help you to impact people you encounter:


1- Eye contact:

Eye contact between people can show you who feels close to whom. It can show you which members of your team and colleagues are bonding and trusting each other.

2- Doing a favor:

Convincing someone to do you a favor makes them like you unconsciously. When they ask themselves why they do this favor, they convince themselves with justifications for your own good like they like you or you would return the favor. And all of these are reasons make them feel close to you.

3- Silence:

Do not ever move the conversation forward. Make the silence play its advantage. It is a great tool to negotiate with others to get answers.

4- Nodding your head:

Nodding your head while speaking makes people agree with you unconsciously. They feel that your words are true.

5- Zeigarnik effect:

It is the effect of unfinished things on people. They tend to remember unfinished things. It sticks in their head longer.

6- Chewing gum:

Chewing gum is very helpful. It decreases the stress, makes you more alert and focused, and helps you to memorize your tasks very well.

7- People’s feet language:

 To know it anyone is interested in your words or not. Watch his feet. If they are aimed at you, it is a good sign. If not, try to get his attention in another way.

8- Using people’s names in conversation:

When you are recognizing to someone new, try to repeat his name during your conversation in a clever way. It has a good impact on people.

9- Excitement:

When you show excitement when you meet someone, he will show you the same excitement too. It is an easy way to be liked with a good impression.


Practicing these tricks and training yourself how to use them will give you a different response from people and positive results in your life.

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How To Use These 9 Tricks Positively And Effectively.

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