11 Tips on How to Become More Productive

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Do you feel the need to become more productive? Do you find that people expect you to be more productive than you already are, at work or at home? Do you feel dissatisfied with the sum of work you do every day and you feel that you have to increase your performance?

There are some obstacles that prevent us from doing all the tasks that are required , or even from trying to become more productive work, by causing us to lose our focus and energy. Sometimes you are not the reason for this decrease of productivity. It could be the atmosphere in the workstation you are in, some noisy colleagues, or even a constantly vibrating phone.

Whatever the factors that prevent you from becoming more productive, fulfilling your tasks and chores you have to overcome these factors in order to have a better, more successful career and family life.

So here are 11 tips on how to become more productive in your life?

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1- Tidy up:

The first factor that prevents you from becoming more productive is a messy workstation. A mountain of papers, files, and documents will do nothing but remind you of how much work you still have not done yet, which will make you lose motivation and energy and cause you to get stressed.

 So just keep all the things you need for one task , and hide all others out of your sight .

Do not multi task, it is better to do one task at a time for a more efficient outcome. And also organize your workstation to look tidy and clean for a more motivational atmosphere.

2- Do more work with less effort:

Find ways to do the same job with less effort. Work smarter, not harder. If you manage to do so , you will be able to do more tasks than you usually do , with the same effort or maybe less. Change the way you do your job, change the system if you have the authority in order tobecome more productive.

3- “ she really needs to sort out her priorities”:

Yep, I’m a big Harry Potter fan. But what we need to realize here is that priorities are important. Never do anything first before another that deserves priority. Divide your tasks and put urgent / major ones first. This will also need good time management to make sure you fulfill minor tasks as well.That will guarantee more efficiency and productivity for your work.

4- Nap to become more productive:

Yes, I said it! You need to sleep at work. It may seem funny, but 15 – 30 minutes of sleep will guarantee more productive work hours and a more focused mind. It will restore your energy for a fresher start to resume your work. You do not necessarily have to do it during work hours, you could have a light nap during lunch break.

Such a tiny nap will erase all stress and frustration you had earlier.

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5- Plan to Become More Productive:

Planning before performing tasks in your life will not only get you tobecome more productive, but also will help you release your creativity.

 Find simple and fun ways to plan for your tasks at work or at home , to do lists and infographics maybe! Make sure you organize your tasks and stick to an accurate time plan.

6- Good Night, Sleep Tight,Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite:

Sleeping well is the best cure for most of our problems, mental and physical. A 7 – 10 hours of only sleeping will relieve all yours stress restore all your energy and concentration.

Enough rest is what will keep you motivated instead of being sleepy in your office.

7- sunlight:

Working in an office that is naturally lit is an awesome mood booster. It is more comfortable than Lamb let places and will keep you feeling a lot better.

So move your desk to the nearest window and enjoy a more productive, less stressful work hours.

8- say no to distractions:

A constantly ringing phone, weather for a call or a Facebook notification and a noisy colleague is the fatalist causes for distraction and decrease of productivity. You will really need to separate yourself from such distractions. Turn off your phone, do not set it on vibration, because it will still be a source of distraction. Resist the desire to continue the conversation with your colleague. Keep it a goal in your mind to separate your work from all other matters.

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9- Maintain Positivity:

Stay optimistic about everything and make sure your productive mood is not disturbed by anything. Maintain a positive attitude towards your problems to solve them simply and correctly this is a key element to become more productive.

10- Stay Fit:

 Sport is of course important to everyone. But beside being significant for physical health, it is a great mood booster and stress reliever.

A 20 minute workout per day will keep your body and brain active, and will provide you with a great amount of relief and motivation for productivity.

11- Eat well:

Healthy food is one more good booster of productivity.If you provide your body with all this needs of minerals and vitamins , it will give you nothing but energy and relief for your mind and body .

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11 Tips on How to Become More Productive

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