Procrastinate No More: 3 Simple Yet Powerful Solutions!

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Procrastination! Admit it, we have all been there before! While starting a new big project can be intimidating, not starting it can be equally stressful. If you are reading this, you have probably struggled with the procrastination monster before! The good news is, it is much easier to overcome this villain once you understand why and when it can happen. In fact, delaying your important duties for the sake of momentary relief is only a part of human nature. It takes effort and time to build the habits that help you get rid of the fear which lies between you and the achievement of your goals. 

To get a better understanding of the issue at hand, we must first dig deep into the roots. Overcoming procrastination can make all the difference if you aspire to be regarded as a productive, proactive, and reliable individual. Improving this hurdle can radically accelerate the rate of your progress throughout your career journey.

So, let’s take a deeper look into the myths surrounding procrastination:

1- “I work better under pressure”

This one is an age-old myth that most of us have fallen for at some point. Do not fool yourself, you would not find the time to refine your work if you leave it to the last minute. This would only cultivate a nerve-wracking environment!

2-  “I will start tomorrow”

Tomorrow does NOT happen unless you make it happen! When you turn your “Now” to a “Later”, this almost guarantees that you will NEVER do it. Do not take the time to think it through. Like Nike’s slogan goes, you should JUST DO IT!

3- “I will just check Facebook for a minute”

Social Networks has proven –time and time again- to be the first line enemy against productivity in our modern day. Once you start “checking” Facebook, you end up sinking in the quicksand of trivia. Think wisely about what you spend your time doing!

That being said, it is obvious now more than ever that living in a world that is inter-connected via technology can be quite distracting. While it is a healthy thing to be social and connect to your close ones, they should not –however- from any liability on your productivity.

You can substitute procrastination with motivation, using the following simple mind-tricks:


1- Create a Distraction-Free Ambiance

Put away your smart phones! Be as minimalistic as possible, only keep the things that you really need on your desk, and NOTHING ELSE! You cannot imagine how this simple step can help you save time!

2- Start NOW, Start EARLY!

Jump-start your projects as soon as you get them. Do not wait for inspiration or motivation. Create your own! This easy hack can help you get ahead of your schedule, leaving you with a huge sense of accomplishment and relief!

3- Mix It Up!

Just because you have a project to finish, it does not mean that you cannot have fun doing it! Divide your time shuffling between different tasks, and take short breaks in between. Do not forget to take care of yourself! Stay hydrated, exercise regularly, and drink more water. You will not believe how energized and motivated you will feel afterward!

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Procrastinate No More: 3 Simple Yet Powerful Solutions!

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