4 Things You Should Avoid When You Are A Foreign Student

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If you are studying in another country, it is important to make the best experience out of your trip. You should make sure you go home with some of the best memories of your life without negatively affecting your educational plans. There are things you should avoid when you are a foreign student. Too much seriousness will spoil the fun and too much fun will spoil your learning experience, which is your main goal of the trip. So, you have to balance both sides to make the best use of your stay in this foreign country. So here are some really good tips on things you should avoid when you are a foreign student.

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1- Health:

 Neglecting your health habits is one of the most important things you should avoid why you are a foreign student.


It would be totally wrong to neglect your early bedtime to make yourself busy with other stuff that you could not do in your Homeland. Your body will require the same amount of energy and maybe more to keep you going through your busy day, just like it required back home. So you have to stick to…

A specific bedtime:

 Even if you have a lot to see in this country at night, it should not be every night to go out and stay up late. Or even if you want to make a good impression in class by studying extra hours at night, but it is just a waste of time, since you only make yourself more tired instead of allowing your body to restore its energy for the next day. So , make sure you have at least 8 hours of sleep for a better mental Focus.

A specific Awakening time:

It is not an excuse to wake up late or go to bed late if you have more than enough time to sleep .Even if your biological clock is disturbed by your movement to another country in a different time zone .Adapt yourself to the new situation as fast as possible and do not get too much sleep.

– Nutrition:


It is so natural for foreign students to be attracted to fast food more than homemade meals since it’s faster and requires less effort. It is important to try the main dishes of the cuisine of the country you visit, where there it is spicy, rich of fats or might have not much nutritional value .However , you should make sure your body gets all it needs , because you do not want to suffer malnutrition, which is pretty common among foreign students. So , stick to healthy food as much as possible and break the rules once in a while.


 Food is not everything after all. Water is important too. Sometimes you may have to be in a place with a cold weather that will not irritate your need of water as much as usual, but you have to keep yourself properly hydrated wherever you are to keep your blood circulation going well and accordingly your body stays energetic.

List of things to avoid when you are a foreign student

2- Do not be an extremist!

 Yup! Going to the extremes in anything is no good ,And this is one of the most essential things you should avoid when you are a foreign student.

Strict planning:

many people prepare a very accurate schedule for their trips abroad before they travel and they aim to stick to it very strictly. But is that right? Quite not. The reason why too much planning might not be good is that if something goes against your plans you will find yourself disappointed instead of continuing to enjoy your trip. So plan everything essential to make the trip count, places you need to visit, things you need to try… But pay less attention to minor details, they will get your paranoid and could spoil the experience. So plan and be flexible towards whatever comes on your way.

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Loose planning:

The other extreme is making few plans then you should or not planning at all. Leaving everything for chance is not OK as well.

 For example if you are travelling to the United States you totally have to make a list of places that are a must-see for visitors, Statue of Liberty, the mall, Hollywood Walk of Fame, etc… . You cannot let something like that unplanned since you have to arrange it according to which state you visit before others.

Bad budget planning is one more problem related to lose planning and it is totally on your list of things you should avoid when you are a foreign student. You need to estimate the total of your expenses during the trip, money for food, transportation, pocket money, etc… Planning what you will take for clothing and what you will need to buy should be put in consideration as well.

3- Networking:

Going to another country is a great way to make a lot of friends, or maybe more. So be careful, as a foreign student you are pretty vulnerable to fake friendships, swindles and more. In addition to that, hormones and alcohol may lead you to things you should not do and people you should not get to know. So do not party too hard and make sure you do not ruin your trip or possibly your future for a short frenzy. Choose people well, it would be so good to have a couple of friends to see when you come back to this country.

 On the other hand, you should not neglect communication with people . Some of them might become true friends. Make a useful network of Friends and acquaintances like teachers for example. Voluntary activities and student organizations will be useful to serve this aim as well.

4- Be the open-minded:

Being in a different country is an exposure to a different culture, race, color, and maybe religion. Do not be afraid that locals might not like you, and be a good representative of your native culture. Accept the others and do not have any Prejudices, but do not forget your own values as well. Having prejudices and being narrow-minded will make you lose the benefit of your journey. The language barrier will never be an issue as much as the cultural barrier .So, get to know this new culture and be open to anything valuable to learn.

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4 Things You Should Avoid When You Are A Foreign Student

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