5 Trade Secrets to a Sharp Mind

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It is undeniable that having a sharp mind is of great importance. It gives your life a colorful hue. It also has the tendency of keeping an edge of competition in your life.  It helps you achieve or add more happiness to life. With happiness and creativity success will always be the answer.

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The benefits of having a mind in shape:

A) You will get more done.

B) Experience a comfortable life

C) Remember more.

D) Be easily inspired.

E) Be more creative.

Here are some awesome tips and tricks for having a sharp mind.

1- Expose yourself to new cultures.


They key to a sharp mind is to learn how to adapt. Getting exposed to new cultures will add some color to your life. It will add to your creativity as well. Have the passion to learning new stuff. The brain is a muscle like any other muscle in our bodies. Knowledge is what keeps your mind in shape. If you train it to acquire new information all the time, you will insure its strength. 

2- Enrich you skills.


Learn a new skill. This will not only add to the list of skills on your resume, but it will also make you appreciate yourself on so many levels. Learning a new skill will also help you find what you are passionate about. It is also known that doing hand crafts or learning a new skill can be very fulfilling. Additionally, it is a great way to relieve some of the pent up stress. Why don’t you try carpentry, pottery or even learning an instrument? Believe me, these small steps will benefit in sharpening your mind greatly.

3- Brain camp.


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Create your own brain gym. As was mentioned above, your brain is like any other muscle that needs to be trained. So how about creating a gym for your brain? Write a list of what you would normally do in your week before hand. Try to hid this list an use your memory to remember everything that was listed in that piece of paper. The target from this exercise is to make good use of your brain cells and getting them a little worked up.

4- Stay away from technology.


We are living in a fast pace world. We exhaust our brain by talking on call phones as well as spending tremendous amount of time locked up in a depressing office. Take the weekend to stay away from everything. Rent a cabin in the forest. Spend some time away from the life sucking vampire that we call technology. You will notice that you will have a sharper brain in addition to a better health.

5- Take care of your health.


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Work made us sugar and coffee junkies. Now is the time to follow a healthy diet for your own sake. Incorporate more foods rich in vitamins and fibers. The key to a successful life is a healthy body and brain. Eight hours of sleep daily is a must follow step. A well rested person is capable of doing his/ her work successfully and in half the time needed.

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5 Trade Secrets to a Sharp Mind

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