Conquer The Beast Of Failure And Step In The Light Of Success

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What is meant by motivation?

Motivation is the fuel that keeps the wheel of success running. However, it is a beast that needs to be tamed. There is a fine line between igniting a fire for warmth and letting this fire burn up everything to the ground. Likewise, motivation has to be calculated and measured like a pastry recipe we have to be precise with its ingredients.

I know what you are all thinking! Oh no not again!! One of these redundant from the book motivational speech!

I assure you, this isn’t that! What you are about to read is like your pocket guide on how to keep your employees as well as yourself motivated all year round.

When you reach the point in life when it is easier to push through the pain rather than quitting, this is when you know you have motive in life. The motives in life can include paying the bills, proving that you are successful or just simply ending the sensation of self-loathing that you get when you do nothing.

One of the surprisingly famous misconception about motivation is that is comes before the action. This is where you are wrong. Believe me it doesn’t matter how many motivational videos you watched or speeches you read. Mostly, motivation comes after you starting the new goal.

Nothing in this world is rendered as impossible. If you have an optimistic eye to life, with a little shifting of letters you can change the word “impossible” to ” I m possible”. How can you let two letters ” im” stop you from reaching your goal. You’re just two letters away!

How to get yourself and others to be and stay motivated?

Many people find it hard to be motivated when they first a new career for instance. Others consume a lot of energy on doing the task itself and become drained afterwards. Thus, they don’t have any energy for motivation.

1- Setting goals

My first advice to you my unmotivated friend is to set your goals. By setting your goals and knowing what grounds are you standing on, you’ll save a lot in time in addition to energy.

2- Schedule your motivation

An article in The Guardian stated that racking your brain for motivation, lessens the amount of energy you have in doing the task itself. Bottom line, stop searching your brain for motivation and start doing.

3- Exercise

During exercising, endorphin are secreted. Endorphin are the reason behind the state of bliss and calmness that you get after a good work out. By exercising, you will be kissing the negative energy goodbye.


4- Go nuts!

Paint your office a bright neon color. Hang crazy colorful pictures or motivation quotes that will get your through the tough week! Do whatever it takes to keep your office cheerful and lively.


Promise to buy yourself a chunky chocolate muffin on your way to work. That will get your motivated to work. Try to a spoonful of what you loving and steering it in the batter of what you hate. This is a successful recipe for motivation my friends.

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Conquer The Beast Of Failure And Step In The Light Of Success

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