Dreamers vs. Doers: Who Achieves Success?

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Nowadays,whenever you listen to any motivational speaker, you will most probably find that they focus predominantly on delivering one main message. This message would most likely be about following your dreams, and consequently, success will inevitably come to you. However, that piece of information is often time deemed inaccurate, as our competitive world does not always reward dreamers with the best of life’s joys. In fact, dreams alone, despite how noble they can be, create a false sense of achievement. This, therefore, may lead to a stagnant state rather than progress. What seems to be lacking in our present era is the actual hard work and perseverance. Of course, this cannot be achieved without having a long-term vision.

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Here, are 6 tips to bring your goals to life:

1- Define Your Goals:

Learn how to set SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. This can help you immensely to track your progress, and celebrate your small victories when you reach your milestones. The celebration of your small milestones will always motivate you to carry on the path that you have chosen, no matter how difficult it may get.

2- Persistence is KEY:

Keep working regardless of any circumstances. Do not let anything stop you from doing your workday in and day out. Lack of motivation and disappointments are your enemy, conquer them and stay dedicated to your final goal. Your future-self would most definitely thank you for it!

3- Run Your OWN Race:

Stop comparing yourself to others!You can only compare yourself to your old-self. Know that although setbacks are possible, and that you can bounce back,completing your race even if obstacles arise.

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4- Take Calculated Risks:

It is an age-old consensus that those do not take risks can never cut it. Regardless of how appealing this might sound, this is not always the case. Sometimes those adrenaline rush driven decisions constitute all that it takes for a disaster to occur. It is only when you consider your risk-to-benefit ratio, that you take that “leap of faith” next big jump.

5- Remember Your “Why?”:

If you consider yourself a high-achiever, then you are very likely liable to the all-so-terrifying sense of disappointment. Now we are talking about a common feeling that just comes with the territory, but you might be asking yourself, “How can I defeat everything?” Your WHY is the unique thing that is going to speak out loud when everything is against you. At this moment, you need to remember the reason why you started what you are doing.  Make it your personal mantra!

6- Circulate your gift:

Adopt the “law of gift circulation”, even when your life gets hectic, and you feel completely overwhelmed. Although this may somehow sound almost counter intuitive, you cannot imagine just how its adaptation can work miracles for you! Give back to those who surround you, and are in need. It can reward you more than you could ever imagine!

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Briefly, you have to constantly remind yourself of your goals, and deeply believe in your ability to achieve them. You will be surprised of how things can turn out if you just kept doing small changes overtime!

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Dreamers vs. Doers: Who Achieves Success?

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