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How To Endure A Job That You Hate Or Find A Better One

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So, you are probably one of those thousands or maybe millions that hate their job but you need to stay in it for one reason or another, get aboard and let’s have a short conversation and see what you can do in the end of it!

You are a very tempted to resign but you have to endure a job that you hate? I have some great ideas that I am sure will help you, but first I need you to read these questions and carefully find the answers by yourself.

Endure a job that you hate Qs:

Why can’t you just resign?

There is a pretty small number of jobs that could make resigning a bit complex, maybe a long routine of a resignation letter that goes in a week or even a month-long process. Or maybe a contract that restricts you in the job for a specific number of years. But even in these cases there are ways out , though there could be some unlikable consequences . So considering you are not actually enslaved and chained to your office desk, you have the option of quitting!

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What would happen if you resign ?

 If you can’t endure a job that you hate and you simply want to leave?.. Can’t? So, you need to know what consequences that are preventing you from quitting .Will the sun swallow the Earth. The human civilization will have lost an important figure? People might die? YOU might die? Of course that all is unlikely to happen! The more reasonable reasons why you might not want to leave a job that you can’t endure are a whole lot smaller and more silly than that , but might still matter… to you at least . You may not have enough money to provide for your rent and food, you might become homeless, or maybe your wife/husband or boy/girlfriend would leave you.

What will really happen?

Throw all these possible catastrophes aside and think, which of them is actually trueand will definitely happen as soon as you resign? How long will the money you have provided you? Two or three months of rent? Will your partner really abandon you?

If you could identify the truth then move to the next question …

Is it Ok?

If that person knows how much you hate this job and is not actuallygiving you support to leave it , what is your relationship built upon ?You need to start to question the authenticity of this relationship , and ask yourself , will you stay like that for the rest of your life ? If you finally identified the real consequences of your decision , then there is one more question…

Is it worth it?

Is it worth it? To endure a job that you hateso much? Or is it worth it to quit that job? The first question is pretty much answered in number 4, and the rest of the answer lies in what you will find here…

Considering how sever the consequences could be, they are still not the end of the world! Itsabout how much you hate that job that you can’t imagine yourself doing it any more! What if you just hand in your resignation no tomorrow would it feel better?

What if you just had to move to a smaller apartment? Share a room with someone for a cheaper price? Live in a trailer? Or even a tent, but in more freedom and with a job that you like more?

Or maybe, going a bit further, that you’re resignation would be the reason for the end of an unhealthy relationship that was never for your good. You will need to consider these possibilities as well.

Now let’s move to the other choice, let me remind you again that you have two options:

1- To prepare yourself for leaving the job in a specific date and to find another and face whatever consequences that might follow your resignation.

2- To stay, endure a job that you hate, while trying to make it better and more in bearable.

Concerning the second option you will have to make a plan to help you, it will actually distract you from the horrible things that you hate about your job. So, start with accepting the job as a fact that you have to live with and you will work on making it better.

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Endure a job that you hate:

Make some changes!

The job:

– Is it possible to change the things you hate about your job?

– Not always!

– But you can try.

 So, if it is boring or you have to do the same thing over and over, turn it into a game , race yourself in doing your work faster then you usually do , or more than others could do , not in a way of comparing yourself to the others , of course , but just to improve yourself.

How you do it :

Change how you do your work. Do you have the authority to change the system? To improve the efficiency and increase the productivity of your work? Even if you do not have the authority, can you do it anyway?

Maybe you could at least change the atmosphere in which you do your job.Move your desk to a different room or do parts of the work required at home instead of in the office.

You and people:

What if the thing you hate about your job is people? If possible, change the group or department you are in, improve your relationship with your colleagues, or probably you need to change your attitude , it could be the true problem in the first place! So improve yourself, you could be more efficient that maybe you get a promotion or a rise in your salary.

“The door is big enough for a camel to go through”

This Egyptian idiom simply means “ If you don’t like it , get out” because if you cannot change anything about your job, or you can, but you still cannot bear it, the door is big enough for you to leave, since there is nothing else you could do .

 And if you choose to leave, you will then have two options:

  • Find another job.
  • Have a new business of your own.

Both options can only be reached by one way… skills!

If you have no efficient skills to get another job or have your own business, then you should know that this is no excuse for you! Start learning, take courses and learn online, that is the cheapest way possible to learn anything, because it is almost for free.

 If you feel unprepared to learn then just accept the fact that you have to, because it is the only way for you to take control of your life, and find a better job or make a long lasting business.

Stay online:

Find the suitable skills you need to acquire according to whatever job you would like to have. You do not always have to use the Internet for skill acquiring but it is better for a couple of reasons:

1- Learning or working Online does not require specific hours to be using your computer / mobile, so it will not be a problem to go with it alongside your hated job.

2- If you want to start a secure business that is totally under your control, the Internet is where you could do this best.

3- Freelancing

Freelancing is a job that is still not a job. Let me tell you more…

 There are many websites that offer many kinds of services for any one who needs it. So this is how it is done… you learn the skills needed for the job that you like , your offer them on a freelancing site just like an advertisement except that it is free on most freelancing sites, people contact you to do the kind of business you offer in exchange for money . Yup, it is that simple!

 People could also advertise what they need on such websites and you simply offer them your service according to your skills. There is writing, photography, photo / video editing, creating online content, drowning and a lot more fields and skills that are offered and needed on search websites, many of which are not even related to computer or internet skills. So, you have a job that you get paid for according to your efficiency and productivity, and at the same time you are not enduring a job that you hate because you actually do not have to be doing it everyday and this job could even be something that you enjoy. You could have it as a full-time or a part-time job, and sometimes it could be all done at home, so it is a job and not a job at the same time!


If you are a person who has a future view and does not have a problem with working now and getting money a lot more than your effort but in the future , then blogging is the best thing to do . It is simply creating a website / blog on which you post topics related to your own skills and experience that people might be interested in ,  you could make it review site on movies series , a cooking blog, or anything containing  ideas that might get people to visit your website . Find your point of interest and passion and start creating content about it. Money would not come as fast as freelancing business; you will need to post unique content and increase your audience and viewers, and the larger they become the more money you make.

 Choices and options are a lot more than you think, you can always work in a job that you like, either as a full-time job, or a part-time job next to a full-time job that you might not like as much, but pays you well. You just need to work on your attitude, improve your skills, have your own business as a backup plan, and become elastic to whatever comes on your way so that you know you will never be stuck in any job ever.

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How To Endure A Job That You Hate Or Find A Better One

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