Feeling Stuck In Your Career: 5 Shocking Patterns That You Need To Break though

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Every now and then, we examine our progress and try to see how far have we have got after a certain interval of time. This acts as an indication of our rate of moving ahead, and can predict where we are going to be on the next landmark. However, sometimes you can find yourself trapped in the same spot, which can be tremendously disappointing.  To overcome this hurdle, we should monitor closely our previous behaviors and attitudes. This forensic dissection of our past can help us pinpoint our patterns, which have steered us to our current results. That is why we need to stop repeating those mistakes, and start doing things differently!


”Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results”, Albert Einstein.


You Will Learn All 5 Destructive  Patterns that Impede Your Progress:


1- Rigid Mindset

Think about the last time that you have made some compromises to reach a common ground to settle an argument with coworkers, business partners, or even your colleagues. If you hold the “all or none” mentality that can dramatically hinder your career, in addition to establishing an image of an inflexible individual who is not a team player. Always try to find creative solutions, which satisfies both parties of the dispute.

2- Focusing on Your Weaknesses

If you neglect your points of strengths and focus on your shortcomings, this will only make you mediocre at best at this skill, while neglecting your strengths. On the other hand, if you gather your efforts to reinforce the skills that you are already good at, MAGIC can happen! Be careful what you spend your time doing, for that is what really differentiate you from anybody else.

3- Caring about what people think

Having that one pessimistic friend who is a perpetual downer, someone who would tell you all the reasons why you cannot do something. When you listen to this gloomy view constantly, you become one of the herd! You lose your spark and believe that you are inadequate. Just because they did not achieve their goals, does not mean that cannot achieve yours. Beware this attitude is highly contagious! 

4- The “Do-It-All” attitude

You cannot do EVERYTHING! You have to get the help of a team to ensure that everything is properly done. If you try to do everything on your own all the time, you will inevitably reach a state of complete burnout. Stress will then take its toll on you, shattering your once-motivated self into pieces. The assembly of a reliable, trust-worthy team can make all the difference!

5- Lack of Follow-though

You have undoubtedly fallen into this trap before! One day you woke up, having all the energy in the world, and the next you just flaked out. Be it procrastination, insufficient stamina, or even weak power of will. This habit often times stands between you and your goals, and you have to actively seek channels of follow-up. The more you do it, the easier it gets!

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Feeling Stuck In Your Career: 5 Shocking Patterns That You Need To Break though

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