Getting Up Early Won’t Be A Problem When Overcoming These 4 Obstacles!

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Are you dreaming of being an “early riser”? Is your dream is to get up at 5 or 6 am, jump out of bed proudly, quickly put on your running shoes, then go for your healthy morning run, come back and take a nice cold shower? Afterward, you want to meditate for 15 – 20 minutes, write in your journal, and hit it to work grasping you will have one epic day, unlike anyone else?

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How to Master the 4 Common Obstacles to Waking Up Early?

Obstacle 1: The Snooze Button:

No one doesn’t hit the snooze button each morning and it’s like the 5 minutes of disturbed sleeping will save the day! This doesn’t make any logical sense.The snooze button is the most obvious obstacle and enemy of all. Moreover, fortunately, one that is reasonably easy to master.

Take me for a real example. I have been a snooze-button-addict every single morning for the biggest part of my daily life; however, I haven’t used it in more than a year now when I had my eye on a goal and ever since I tried once waking up at 5 am and loved it.


Obstacle 2: You Can’t Fall Asleep Fast Enough:

Improving the capability to fall asleep within 10 to 20 minutes consistently is very powerful and it’s of supreme importance if you ever desire to wake up early.

Why? Because the slower you fall asleep quickly, the more you are at risk of receiving too little sleep and being extremely tired and dizzy when you get up the next morning.

Unnecessary to say, rising up without enough sleep and tired will definitely NOT help you wake up in the morning.


Obstacle 3: You Lose Motivation, Fall Off Track, and Give In:

One of the genuine strategies I personally found effective to stay motivated is to get inspired daily by reading about other people success on getting up early and how it helped them achieve their dreams.

Educate yourself about other people’s early morning routines. What do early risers do during the first 30 to 60 minutes of their day before they go to work? Do they get some exercise, read books, meditate, and visualize their dream a better future?

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Obstacle 4:  The Weekend:

So, routinely, you’ve been waking up early, but not that early, from Monday to Friday, but uh-oh… when it comes to the weekend you oversleep claiming that you want to make up for the sleep you didn’t get.

Your body doesn’t know and can’t understand where it’s at. In other words, it means you apparently won’t feel exhausted in the evening, however you will have trouble falling asleep at night, and consequently, you will get too little sleep.

You must try to stick to your sleep schedule and waking up early on the weekend as good as you do on the working days.

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Once you have got control over these 4 obstacles, you will notice an outstanding difference from your first time you tried and woke up early! You’ll feel that you have so much ahead of you!

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Getting Up Early Won’t Be A Problem When Overcoming These 4 Obstacles!

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