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How To Be A Good Manager

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Art management done properly a by a few people only, and need a commanding figure who possesses the attributes and qualities and qualifications not owned by others, we hear a lot about people who fail to manage others, while we hear of others have succeeded in managing their projects or their companies and are proficient in their duties and fully performed.

You may meet a successful manager isn’t pretty or handsome, but could not meet a successful manager with a weak character or non-innovative, Now we have to talk a little bit about the character of the Director. Many corporate managers or business owners see some problems in managing their companies, because many company managers not following sound management policy in their communication with their staff. So we’re having today more important attributes and skills that the company director must develop his character make him a distinguished Director and great in the eyes of all his staff.

  • Be fun and nice open:


Any workplace with a number of employees contained some problems or crises that occur between people or maybe be problems the same delay in delivery schedule or an error occurred in one of the employees, all of which may affect any neurological condition Manager may pay the rush might say or decision or even find an appropriate solution to the situation. Or you want to be an outstanding Manager you have to meet any problem kindly and jovial face Smiley, I do not mean indifference or disregard for the position but more open spirit without nervous until she can find a solution with a clear head. Like that spirit attainment is paid and feeling of security among your employees.

  • Easy commissioning:

The Manager might has some management jobs after returning home or having additional times spends in the Organization in order to complete some important business, but he mustn’t asks his employees to do likewise or force them to it, so they will feel heavy work on them, but successful Director cares more about fidelity in basic work over assigned to another job may do without concentration because of extreme fatigue.

  • Don’t use policy of making orders without explain it:

You have to follow a different policy and more sophisticated communication with your employees give vase, a successful manager who could inflame the enthusiasm of his employees without imposing on them for joining are completed perfectly, this is the right team spirit, not dealing from a higher place at the top of heaven and they’re on the ground .

  • Make Good relations with your employees:

The Director will not be successful unless he enjoyed good relations with the staff and assistants around him and even the lowest degree, because good relations lend an atmosphere of joy and pleasure to work, and everyone is keen to finish the job in the best way possible without pushing someone’s effort and time to play, and there wouldn’t  be good relations between the Manager and subordinates only when he treated them as individuals and not just machines them execute commands only without any questions, but to share them at all Things to bring them an air of intimacy and love needed to upgrade work.

  • Be a guide for your employees:

You have to guide your staff from time to time in their work and provide them with all the skills needed to do their duties well. And provide them with the possibilities that will help them achieve that. It is a successful manager who works to develop around him and inspires the spirit of actual development.

  • Attention to the opinion of the employees and not their characters:

The Director must consider the opinion just stripped of her without any bias for or against his person, one of the managers may refuse an opinion just because it’s at odds with his owner, might as well accept another opinion because of his love for his opinion, these decisions are not consistent with the interest of the work, so a successful Director must study views away from their owners and looking at it in terms of higher interests only.

  • Leave a courtesy policy:

A successful Manager is moving away from a policy of comity, that policy that you pay at a steady pace into the abyss. You recognize your mistakes and acknowledge them and trying to correct them without a compliment or skip or hurting someone to correct this error. And a successful manager should not fall into the trap of covering other errors that can destroy the whole entity in just a few second

  • Increase the strength of motivation:


To be successful as a Manager, you have to increase the strength of motivation to your employees even dedicate themselves in giving you their maximum power. Draw them always map to a promising future if they have acquired the necessary experience to work and developed of themselves and their skills. If they have aspirations try to create them those aspirations and push them to achieve

  • Listen to all the new ideas:

You always have to encourage new ideas and creative among your employees and to listen carefully and show what you think, and don’t feel your employees that you just take it and don’t have any attention for his idea perhaps an idea might help you further success in your field.

  • Have a broader perspective:

You have to be thorough and broader perspective to issues and situations faced daily. You have to listen to the different views between your employees and analyze them impartially so don’t interfere with any employee in your team and raise a grudge in himself against teammate and against the work as a whole.

  • Make your employees trust you:

The successful Director is the one who succeeds in planting trust among his staff, and through his treatment and his actions and his judgment is wise and return that meets with them A successful manager not only succeed in completing the tasks attributed to him, but succeeds in creating a powerful bond of mutual trust between him and his staff.

This question has to be that we have been asked to ourselves more than once, but must know

and finally see this video to know How to manage for collective creativity


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