How To Create A Life Plan For Yourself That Will Help You To More achievements

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Our life is not much different from a building. One has to start from the ground, keep building a floor over another till he reaches the highest he could. But who gets higher?? That depends!  Everyone has goals to achieve, some of them work harder to reach them, others work smarter. And that all depends on the plan, because just like a building needs a plan to establish, so does our lives, it needs a life plan to achieve our goals.

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  • What is a life plan?

You should know that any goal in your life is never achieved in one step. Of course, we are talking about actual and real goals not simple ones, I mean, learning something new, making a successful project or even achieving a peaceful and comfortable life for family. That kind of goals actually needs a life plan, since it is not simply achieved, it needs various actions and takes multiple steps to accomplish. If you could identify some such steps clearly and correctly and you know that they are interrelated and are a part of a bigger chain, then could consider yourself having a life plan.

When you know all the steps for your goals and that every one of them ha an effect on the one that comes after it and on the whole goal-achieving process , you will realize that it is so simple to reach your goal but only with a plan. You will realize the need to sort every thing out and to actualize this plan. And this is the way to do it… a visual chain thinking.

  • visual chain thinking as a life plan:

Visual chain thinking is the plan you will need for your building. It is what will tell you what to do step by step and will keep you informed about how high you reached so far. Adopting this strategy as a life plan is based on one main concept… don’t start something unless you have planned it and know how to accomplish it. This is the way it goes.

1- Daily life plan:

At the end of every day, plan for your goals in the next day. Activities that you need to do and projects you need to finish. Consider it some sort of a to-do list. Stick to it and make sure you did all what you planned to do.

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2 – Weekly life plan:

After your daily life plan is going well, the next level is a weekly

life plan . It happens a lot that the weekend comes and you think to yourself, how fast the week flew by! , or that you feel that you accomplished nothing during this week. Well, just like a day, do not start unless you planned it. Then when the week ends and you see that what you planned is achieved, you will feel so different.

3- Guess what?!

Yes, a monthly life plan. You are having a more general and organized prospective of your life Step by step, moving from minor goals to bigger more important ones, and this is

“working smarter not harder”.

By making daily, weekly and monthly life plans, they are becoming a part of a larger chain, a more complex but major goal. And when you look back at what you have achieved, you will get the motivation to keep going , building,  and achieve your highest goal.

  • The best way to make your life plan:

On a sheet of graph paper, draw vertical lines according to the number of days your visual chain thinking plan should cover. Write the word “to-do” as a heading on the left-hand side of the sheet, and list every item of things you plan to do in this specific period. Break every item into the smallest activities so that you can take every step with a clear vision, knowing precisely what should you do. Sort everything according to priority. Make sure your life plan is always in your mind, have a copy of the paper you made in your office, on your bedroom door or any place that is always in front of your eyes.

If you devote yourself to your life plan and apply it exactly like you planned, you will see how your dreams come true everyday. And even when you face dark days when circumstances and people try to bring you down, you will know that you are in control of your life, you plan it, lead it, and achieve what you want in it.

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How To Create A Life Plan For Yourself That Will Help You To More achievements

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