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How To Be Maintain You Positivity When Every Thing Else Brings You Down?

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When every thing goes wrong, failure seems to approach from the horizon and stuff start to fall apart, it would be a very dangerous thing to give up on all your plans, lose your Positivity, because only then, you will you achieved nothing but misery.

It is all about finding that spark of Positivity that will keep you going, trying, fighting and eventually succeeding. Sometimes it is not easy to dig for success when every thing else is actually burying you. And the only way to brush the dust at that time is by producing as much Positivity as possible, which is easily achievable with some wise steps:

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough” – Oprah Winfrey

1- Keep out of the fire range, and maintain Positivity:

Life never fails to surprise us, sometimes in ways we are not pleased with. One moment things are going perfectly as planned, and suddenly disasters hit, everything turns upside down and vision becomes foggy because of such surprise. The big idea is about how you take it. Instead of whining about what is happening, looking around in depression, you probably need to step out, as if it was not even your own problem. Stop being emotionally involved and start thinking rationally, place yourself in a calm state of mind and maintain a positive attitude so that you have a clearer vision. Know that you are the one in control and not the problems.

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2- Plant Positivity:

Your mind is exactly like a soil, it will grow nothing but the seeds you planted in the first place. So when your input was passivity, neglection or depression, the output will be nothing different than that.A positive input, on the other hand, of having hope and faith in what you do and adopting a positive attitude will be your only escape towards success. So as soon as circumstances plot against you, make sure you do not think of how horribly things are going, rather than finding yourself a source of Positivity, some music tracks, a decent book, or a good friend that can lift your spirit up. Keep looking for what will allow you to move on and to always notice the brighter side of everything.

3- Nothing lasts forever:

Donot let yourself feel that you are passively stuck in a problem forever, because nothing maintains its state, not even us. Life will always give us both happiness and misery, none of them will last until you choose to make it last and that only depends on your attitude from the first second you face your problem. You just need to know that even if you are drowning in disasters, you will always somehow find a way out because it is inevitable that no problem will last, as long as you maintain Positivity and let your positive attitude give you hope and lead you to change circumstances and be back on the right track towards your goal.

4- Devote your energy to solutions, not problems:


Problems tend to make us worried and force us to keep talking about them. Submission to such attitude will lead you to nothing but permanence of the problem. If you just keep talking about the problem it will never be solved. You should start looking for solutions without paying attention to the problem itself. So if you are fired from you job, start immediately looking for a new one instead of whining about how undeserving you are to be fired.

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5- “Count your blessings, name them on by one”:

Yes, in this song lies the core of the concept of Positivity , it is being content. If you are not satisfied with what you already have, you will never be satisfied with whatever you will get. You need to be thankful for whatever you have, there are many blessings that you might have not noticed, keep counting, keep yourself always satisfied. Let Positivity come naturally from your heart as much as your mind.

6- Stay on track and never lose focus on your goal:

A problem keeps shouting for attention, its aim is to you,to make you lose focus, and to turn your head away from your goal, if you find things getting sticky and more complicated, remind yourself of your goal and know that nothing but Positivity will get you out of your problem and lead you to your goal. Write you goal on a piece of paper, think of how to achieve it, and how to get over whatever is obstructing you from reaching it. Never let the “why is this happening to me?!” cliche control you.

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How To Be Maintain You Positivity When Every Thing Else Brings You Down?

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