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How to Make Your Dream Come True

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If you do an action to make your dream come true, you will keep dreaming till you die.

– A survey done by Time Magazine showed that 19 % of people believe that they are in the 1% of the top wage earners, and 36 % believed that they will be among this 1 %.

– Other studies also proved that 50 % of high school students think that they will enroll in medicine school, grad school or law school .

– And 96% of university professors think that they have above average educational skills.

Wild…right? How this huge number of people see things different from reality, that they think they made their dream come true, or will come them come true , while most of them will not.

The is an Egyptian saying that is

water tells who is the liar diver ”

Which means that those who are wrong or those who claim wrong ideas will be exposed as soon as they are tested . Just like when a person ,who claims he is able to dive , is thrown into the water and it appears that he is not.

This leads us to the conclusion that there are 2 types of people. Those who say

I hope ” and those who say “ I will ”

– The first type is a person who want to make his/her dream come true , but they are so static they just hope their dream will be realized by some external forces, and that time will make everything they need a reality without them doing anything.

– The second type is a person who will make his/her own dream come true,they know that none other but themselves will do that. And that they are the only ones in control of their life , they plan it , they lead it , and they work everything out .

But like many other things, making a dream come true is not an easy achievement . It is not one single jump enough to realize it . You will have to identify the gap between what you have , or think you have , and what you actually need. You will have to go one step at a time to reach your aim . And these tips will guarantee that :

1- Your idea of “ a Dream Come True” :

Determine your main goal , you destination that you aim to reach . What do I want to be next month/year , or even after five years ? What do I need of knowledge / skills to make this dream a reality ?

2- Evaluate:

Evaluate your own skills , are they sufficient enough to help you realize your dream?Or do you need to improve them ? Or maybe the ones you already have are not the essentials for what you aim for so probably you need master suitable skills?This needs careful evaluation .

3- The collection:

After you identify what you already have and what you need to make your dream come true, you should start collecting those that you need , suitable sources of knowledge or skills that you need to develop or acquire. Maybe a course , a training session , a relationship with co-workers , or even a book to read . Collect all the essentials that you will need to put you on the right track towards your goal / dream .

4- The treasure map:

Now, you have your dream, and you know the requirements you need to make your dream come true . You will also need something else…. The treasure map. A Chinese proverb says “ the weakest ink is better than the strongest memory ” . You have so many things to do , all kept in your mind , so , you need to make sure nothing is forgotten while you are on your way . Write down your dream and the requirements to realize it in a form if a check list. Provide a precise time plan for everything you will do , when will you start it and when do you need to end it .

5- The most important thing to make you dream come true:

Determine and rank what is the most important thing to do first, and not the easiest of the hardest to do. Merge that with the plan that you have written down and start with the most important according to your ranking .

6- What are you waiting for?!

You have everything now… a treasure to look for, the map to it , and the tools to dig for the treasure . Start your journey, stick to the plan and make sure you never lose track of time or stumble taking 2 steps at a time.

7- Can … Cannot!

When we think of something for the first time, we adopt either a positive or a negative attitude towards it , and the one we choose to take first is the one that usually lasts . So try to maintain a positive attitude in your life, know the true limits and discard the limits could make up to stop you. “ I am too old / young to do it” , “ this will not work out ” , “ I will start tomorrow ”. These are all things that only we create obstruct us and stop us from doing what we want . Believe in yourself and start working on making your dream come true . Because without action desires will not be fulfilled and the “Dream Come True ” puzzle will keep missing pieces.

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How to Make Your Dream Come True

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