How To Separate Work From Personal Life

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Everyone usually tends to mix both their personal and social life with the stress of work .It is so common that we do not separate work from personal life , that we can be sitting in your office and we suddenly grab our mobile and start scrolling through Twitter , Facebook or whatever …And exactly the same thing happens at home when it is weekend already , but we keep checking and responding our work emails , even though we promised to dock the phone and enjoy the weekend with our families, for the aim of separating work from personal life.

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You might think to yourself that you need a balanced life. That you are in a real need of separating work from personal life and to restrict this to office and that to your home, but you find that you just cannot resist the temptation to take your cell phone and see that new notification… discarding the work you already have on your desk, or when you are at home you cannot get that important Project out of your mind so much that you are half-listening to a family member talking to you.

If you are suffering from such a problem that you are incapable of separating work from personal life, you should know that it is not only your problem, but all most all people suffer the same problem as well, but you should also know that there is no problem without a solution…

Is it actually a work day?

Since no one wants to finish their working day with tasks uncompleted or to neglect their family and social life , we should put in consideration the fact that there is almost no one whose working hours are actually full work .People could just go into the office in the morning, start working, then get distracted by their mobile for a while, and maybe thinking of a snack from the vending machine, then talk with a colleague for some time, and later get back for some more work, lunch break time of course, then back to the office, a little more work , distracted again by a phone call .The call is done? Yes! Back to work? No! It’s afternoon already, they just start thinking of what’s for dinner or what plans they have tonight. Later they could get back to work, finding some minor tasks that require less mental efforts and puff… the day is gone! With very much done but very few accomplished .Then at night instead of enjoying a warm gathering and a dinner with family, they are occupied with what they need to do tomorrow at work.

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The Truth:

The regular day at work they actually has less “ work ” than we might like to think . Of course, there are times of concentrated work, but they are less than we would want to show.

What’s happening here is that instead of separating work from personal life, we are actually mixing them together, which causes both sides to ruin each other, and that in turn prevents us from enjoying our life.

Again, separate work from personal life:

Being a 100% concentrated in work is not easy, it requires training and discipline; to move against your comfort, to rearrange your life, and to resist the need of mental breaks.

As soon as you dedicate yourself to this goal and become committed to it , you will know that it is totally worth it you will see the improvement in both your career and personal life . And by the time, you will get used to this discipline and things will become a lot easier.

Family time is just for family and work hours is just for work:

–  The key to separate work from personal life is – focusing – , to be aware of what you are doing now, and what you should be doing instead. Remember everything should be when and where.

–  When you’re working never let anything distract you. Keep focusing and maximize your productivity.

–  Give yourself breaks just enough to restore your energy and maintain your focus.

–  Make sure you do not postpone any tasks for later, so that you do not feel guilty about them you will not feel guilty as long as you do not waste your time.

–  When it comes to personal life, do all what you stopped yourself from doing during work hours. Nothing is more important than family, spend time with them. Hang out with friends and get rid of all the stress of your work day by completely being detached from it.

This way you will be able to easily switch from personal life to work machine mode. You will have a more balanced life and enjoy your leisure time with your beloved ones and have a more productive attitude.

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How To Separate Work From Personal Life

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